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Mrs. Shubhangi  Bhamburkar. (M.Sc. Mathematics)

  • 15 years experience in teaching.
  • Teaches Mathematics and Science to 9th and 10th SSC students.
  • Teaches Mathematics to 9th and 10th CBSE students.
  • Teaches Mathematics and Statistics to 11th and 12th commerce students.

Mrs. Neeta Phansalkar. (M.A. English)

  • Teaches English to 8th, 9th and 10th SSC students.
  • She also conducts test series of History, Geography and Marathi for 10th SSC students.

Mrs. Renuka Joshi. (M.A. Sanskrit)

  • Teaches Sanskrit to 8th, 9th and 10th SSC and CBSE students.

Mrs. Amruta Joshi. ( MSc. Microbiology)

  • Teaches Science to 9th and 10th CBSE students.

Mrs. Pradnya Joshi. (B.Sc. Statistics, MBA)

  • Teaches Mathematics and Science to 8th SSC and CBSE students, and 9th SSC students.
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